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What To Do About Christmas?!

Wow! Is it that time of the year again?

Doesn't it seem to start earlier and earlier every year? With all the good intentions under the sun, we think about presents, and what the budget is for everyone. We start looking in shops and online, we talk about it with colleagues and friends. We check out Pinterest and scan the dozens of catalogues that appear in our mailbox. We make lists and set reminders on our phone.

And then.....nothing.

We get so overloaded with all the advertising and pressures of getting the right gift that we decide all this planning and shopping is just too hard. So we choose to ignore it! 

For weeks...

And before we know it- Christmas Eve!  Yikes!

And just like last year, we are back there in the throng with thousands of other well-intentioned Christmas shoppers who also forgot to check the calendar, pushing and fighting our way through rows and rows of mostly empty racks where all the toys and goodies lived not so long ago.

Now we're back!

So how do we make it a bit easier this year?

How do we avoid the nightmare before Christmas, that is our shopping habit?

Luckily we now have so many options, it's pretty hard to get it wrong...except one.

The online shopping world has exploded and given shoppers the opportunity to buy anything they want. Anything we can imagine, we can find online.

Customers are getting more savvy when it comes to online shopping, and recent events (ok, Covid lockdowns!!), increased online spending by up to 60% according to several reports.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, now you have a greater chance of actually finding and purchasing those items that you just couldn't get in physical stores.

Prices online are generally cheaper than in physical stores so you are more likely to bag a bargain.

And if you are lucky, you might also score free shipping when you buy online (like at EcoTomble for example).

So what's the one option that could go wrong?

Buying online too close to Christmas.

Imagine it's your partner's birthday tomorrow and you travelled to a store that was 8 hours away because they are having a huge once-a-year sale. You managed to buy a beautifully gift-wrapped present and you leave the store feeling very smug. But when you drive out of the carpark you see that there is a traffic jam. A big one!

Cars are moving at a snail's pace and you realise with a sinking feeling, that it is going to be like this for the trip home. At this rate it would take you 3 days to get home and you are going to miss their birthday. 😱

This is what happens when people leave it to the last minute to buy online gifts.

Businesses are overloaded with orders that need processing and mail services struggle to cope with the enormous amount of mail to be delivered.

Thankfully, most online business will advertise when it is getting close to the cut-off time for deliveries so you won't get caught in a 'traffic jam'.

And the beauty of having this cut-off time is that it 'encourages' you to get all your pressies done and dusted long before you need to tidy up the house for Chrissie drinks. And then you have the fun of seeing your gifts turn up in your mailbox. It's like having Christmas twice!!

So, our advice here at EcoTomble is this- make a list and check it twice.

And then head on over to www.ecotomble.com lickety-split to pick up some fabulous gifts for your friends and loved ones.

You can splurge on some timeless dinner sets, like the Gold and Pink Marble Dinner Set, or for Grandma- some delicate Van Gogh Tea Cups.

For your boss, we have the Crystal Swan Decanter or even the Stormtrooper Shot Glasses!

Your best friend will adore the French Collection Wine Glasses or the ever-popular Handbag Coffee Set.

For the medieval enthusiasts in the family, we have the Set of 4 Copper Mugs...perfect for mead or mulled wine...Yum!

Perhaps some quirky Astronaut Phone Holders or the super cool Luminous Mouse Pad for your teenagers, or even an Astronaut Star Projector, a Lego Mug (a great stocking stuffer!!) or Light Up Teddy Bear for your little ones.

There's so many choices for you to choose from, we have every member of your family covered.

And make sure to spoil the most important member of the family- YOU! 🥰😊

Oh, and just to make Christmas even more merry...EcoTomble is one of the very few online stores that offers FREE Shipping on everything in store. Hooray!!!

No price or product limits or hidden fees at checkout. Ever.

So, now you don't need to have the dreaded late night Christmas shopping saga happen to you this year. This year, we have all your Christmas needs sorted.

Jump onto www.ecotomble.com now and check out all the great gifts we have. We are always adding more products so keep checking in to see all the new goodies!!

Oh, and we have daily deals on so many products, you will always find something you love, at a price you'll love even more!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Now, if only we can figure out how to stop Aunt Frannie from drinking so much eggnog and dancing on the buffet table. Any suggestions?? 

Have a most excellent Christmas everyone! 🎄❄️🎅🤩😊

From the Team at EcoTomble 🥰🤩🥳



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